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Sprouting Lids for Wide Mouth 9 pack (3 lid rings, 3 strainers of 1mm size, 3 strainers of 2.5mm size)

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🌱 RUST FREE - Stainless steel curved mesh strainers and sprouting lids means no rust contaminating your sprouts.

🌱GROW SPROUTS AT HOME - Grow healthy sprouts right in your own home with RIMONA's 316 mason jar sprouting lids

🌱DISHWASHER SAFE - The sprouting lids are dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze

🌱UNIVERSAL FIT - Will fit almost any wide-mouth sprouting mason jar, converting it into a kitchen countertop sprouter

🌱INCLUDES - Three sprout lid rings (0.25mm), three 1mm stainless steel curved mesh strainers, and three 2.5mm stainless steel curved mesh strainers

Made With Stainless Steel

Unlike plastic lids that leech harmful chemicals into your food, RIMONA’s 316 sprouting lids for wide-mouth mason jars are made with stainless steel. The flat mesh strainers are also stainless steel, which means no rust contaminating your sprouts.

Easy Cleanup

The glass jar prevents the seeds from sticking to the sides and is dishwasher safe making clean-up a breeze.


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